DAS - Dual Anode Sputtering

Dual Anode Sputtering (DAS) is an industrially proven coating technology. It can be applied for ceramic processes with materials such as niobium oxide (NbOx), titanium oxide (TiOx) or intrinsic tin oxide (i-ZnO), for instance in the display and photovoltaics industry. The DAS method guarantees a good availability of the anode as it is cleaned periodically, even when dielectrics are sputtered.

The DAS technology enables us to proceed from the commonly used AC-MF mode to a DC powering of the process, which reduces the heat load on the substrate considerably. With the application of DAS sputtering with reactive process control, high deposition rates in the transition region can be achieved. This is a distinct improvement, especially for the deposition of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminum oxide (AlOx).

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